Blitz Chess – An Overview

What is Blitz Chess?

Blitz Chess (a form of fast chess or speed chess) is a variation of chess. Each player is given a very limited time to make a move – much less than under the standard tournament time limits. While in speed chess each player has less than 60 minutes, based on a 60 move game, in blitz chess this is reduced to 10 minutes or even less. At the FIDE World Blitz Championship the time allowed to each player is 3 minutes, with an additional 2 seconds per move (known as 3+2).

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Blitz Chess has two main benefits; opening preparation and tactical practice. Playing many games in a session means that more variations can be tested, in comparison to playing one slow game. It is important establish rules before beginning a game, as there are different rules used by blitz players across the world. The results of blitz can be surprising. A Grand Master can lose to a Master one day, and win the next day.

This particular game is often played for money, and therefore considered gambling. When playing for money, it is important to pay or collect after each game. This is because in case a conflict arises during one of the games, one can be sure that the payments won’t be affected.

Blitz chess is also a popular online game. There are concerns, however, as it is not possible to know if one is playing against another person, or a machine. In this sense, this game can become quite risky!

Criticism of Blitz Chess

Many top chess players are very dismissive of blitz chess and don’t take it seriously. The problem with it is that it encourages shallow thinking and discourages rigorous analysis or deep strategic planning. For those wanting to improve their slow chess game and get better at tournament time controls, too much blitz can have a negative impact.

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