The Most Expensive Chess Sets in the World

Carolingi XIV Chess Set – $113,575

This set – designed by Piero Benzoni – is based on the battles fought between the Ottoman Turks and Carolingians in the 9th century. Each chessman is crafted to look like its namesake – kings, queens, knights and so on, and it displays period attire. The pieces are made of gold and silver, with incredibly fine detail. The ornately detailed board is made of onyx.

J. Grahl Chess Set – $450,000aid1031174-728px-improve-the-position-of-your-pieces-in-a-chess-game-step-1

Designed by Jim Grahl on commission in 1972, this set takes its inspiration from the 14th century. Each chessman – crafted from silver and gold – weighs approximately a pound. The board is made of ebony and embellished with silver.

Royal Diamond Chess Set – $500,000

Bernard Maquin – French artist and jewellery maker – took over 4500 hours to design and create this beautiful set. The luxury pieces are created in the classical design and made of 14 carat white gold and covered in 9,900 black and white diamonds. The diamonds put together add up to 186.09 carats!

Art of War Chess Set – $750,000

As you may have guessed, this set has a deep Asian influence. Set on an ebony board, the solid gold pieces are decorated with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Even the hinges, key, and handles of the box are made of solid gold. The price is an estimate, as when this set was put on auction the designer – Victor F. Scharstein – turned down a bid for $750,000 and accepted another offer.

Jewel Royale Chess Set – $1,327,515

This set will be made on demand. Bespoke jewellery design house Boodles, together with Jewel Royale, designed and planned this intricately decadent chess set. Only the King was created, as a proof of concept. Just on its own the 18 carat yellow gold and rubies costs $59,742.

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